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Iacocca- An autobiography

iacocca.jpg This is an autobiography of Lee (Lido) Iacocca, an outstanding leader of the American automobile industry, an American legend, who many urged to run for President of the country. This well-written book is Iacocca’s account of his typically Italian upbringing in the US, his rise through the ranks of Ford to become its President, and his transformational leadership of Chrysler. Iacocca describes the automobile industry of his day, the Japanese ‘attack’, and how he managed first Ford and then Chrysler through those turbulent times.

I liked the book not only because it provided a great look inside two big corporations that almost all of us have heard about, but also because of what it tells us about the American automobile industry. Even during his time in Ford and Chrysler, Iacocca was worried about the American reliance of foreign oil, the inability or unwillingness of leading American companies to introduce smallers cars, and the increasing American foreign debt. Iacocca’s autobiography is an insightful book for not only business men and women, but even ordinary people who want to learn more about the automobile industry or how things look from the top of any corporation.   



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